Welcome to the TVRUG Photo Gallery. We hope you enjoy some of the wonderful inages provided by members. If you would like to contribute please use the feedback page to make initial contact with the web master who will then liaise with you to incorporate your images. We also need images for the top right of the banner (which changes on every click of the web site). Many thanks.

Images from Ernest Dobson

Ernest Dobson took the following photos on 17/09/10 at Prudhoe showing HST on diversion Duke of Gloucester.

  • largePrudhoe Trains 006.jpg
  • smallPrudhoe Trains 003.jpg
  • smallPrudhoe Trains 006.jpg
  • largePrudhoe Trains 002.jpg
  • smallPrudhoe Trains 002.jpg
  • largePrudhoe Trains 001.jpg
  • smallPrudhoe Trains 001.jpg
  • smallPrudhoe Trains 005.jpg
  • largePrudhoe Trains 005.jpg
  • largePrudhoe Trains 003.jpg

Images from Robert Forsythe

The following images are generously provided by Robert Forsythe (please do visit his excellent web site covering Transport & Industrial Heritage, History & Consultancy Services.

  • 084FourstonesHSTGNER.jpg
  • 031Prudhoe143snow.jpg
  • 200NC1958tt.jpg
  • 022Wylamscars156.jpg
  • TyneValley NS lg.jpg
  • RRNEPICT.jpg
  • Tynevalley90s.jpg
  • Tynevalleyguides.jpg
  • 050Stockfieldarrivabustrain.jpg
  • TyneValleyCorShow.jpg
  • 120LowRow.jpg
  • TVLpockettt.jpg
  • TynevalleyLG.jpg
  • 103Haltwhistleplant.jpg
  • Tynedale04.jpg
  • Roamin.jpg