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TVRUG member, Graham Jellett's Presentation on French Light Rail updated to December 2017, and originally in powerpoint, this file of 327 slides shows photographs, all taken by the author, of all 21 French steel-wheel tramways inaugurated from 2000 onwards, all 5 tram-trains now in operation in France and his own tables of data relating to all 45 French light rail systems currently in service.

Northern Rail

Tyne Valley Community Rail Partnership

Red Spooted Hanky Use this site to plan your rail journey and book your tickets. It appears to give all the possibilities for a journey and displays them on one page including times, costs and restrictions.

Chester-le-track A place to find rail information and book tickets.

Traveline Plan a journey using the Traveline site.

NECTAR North East Combined Transport Activists Round table.

Robert Forsyth's Blog Robert Forsyth's Blog which is mainly on Transport.

Transport Timetables If you like transport timetables you may be interested in a chat group on the theme. Broader than ebay, covering what's new, being printed, what's good bad, that sort of thing. Find it on Yahoo Groups called Transport Timetables and contribute to it if you wish.

Robert Stephenson Trust

North Yorkshire Moors Railway

Northumberland Railway Photos. An external website providing a collection of railway photos taken in Northumberland.

Campaign for Better Transport.



Volunteers working for a better service.

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